Thursday, May 7, 2009


In my quest to give all my family members quilts it came around to my youngest sister Pam .
Only problem being , she is not a great lover of patchwork ( or wasn't ) .
She is a painter & film maker and began to describe a quilt that seemed to me impossible to create.
Think here brocade upholstery fabric & such like.
I found a pattern I thought she might like , simple but graphic.
I let her loose in my stash & this is the result.
I'm glad to say she loves it & so do I !
It is winging it's way south as we speak to her home in Melbourne .
It was professionally quilted by Cathy Davies in an all over whip style meander & picked up just in time to be taken home with Pam .
Backed in a pink & green Amy Butler print

check back tomorrow to see winner of Sewn Launch Party giveaway , I'll email the winner with the news .
Ooops .... giveaway is June not May . So see above but June 8th.
thanks One Flew Over ;-)


L. Jane E. said...

Your sister has good taste. I love the birds.

Robyn said...

Lorraine, it's wonderful!!

One Flew Over said...

Lovely quilt...what a lucky sister! I think the SEWN launch is on 8th June?

Anonymous said...

Lorraine, it's just lovely. I just can't believe you're the same girl I've seen glue diamante strip onto a headpiece because you couldn't/wouldn't sew it. ROFLMAO

Lorraine said...

Kate ... yes it is the same "girl " !!
I was queen of the glue gun !!
I find it equally as amusing .

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautifully pretty quilt!! In fact I think it's perfectly amazing. Hope your sis enjoys it!!

Quilty Conscience said...

how pretty! And I love the backing too!

Bec Clarke said...

I love those birds, I seem to be seeing those on quilts quite a bit, I may have to do one.

Pam said...

Oh I love this quilt. I have always enjoyed anything with birds and this is truly perfect.

I found your blog on the Sewn giveaway list and enjoyed looking around. :)

JenniferB said...

I love your site, very nice. Can't wait for the sewn launch party.