Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wild seas

Buckets of rain , flooding and wild seas around these parts the last week !

We have stayed dry & safe but a work mate had her car squished by a fallen tree in the car park ... aaaggghhhh . 

On the quilting front I am finally getting on with some stippling after some lessons & advice from nice sewing machine lady ,  still far from perfect but getting there .
I have also joined a group of lovely quilters run by a very talented & sweet quilting teacher .So I'm hoping to improve my techniques & learn lots of new skills.

I finished this blue Liberty stars to send off to the UK for a newborn boy.

I need now to get on with the Brother-In-Law quilt .I will make a pieced back made of these really , really beautiful fabrics that arrived in the post this week from Purl Soho
Cake Rock Beach , I have been wanting an excuse to get me some of this for sometime.

Wild seas, originally uploaded by small quilts.


One Flew Over said...

The weather up North has been dreadful...perfect for staying in and stitching though :) Your star quilt looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oh that weather looks a drama! loving the cake rock beach, great fabrics for a quilt!!

Anonymous said...

The cake rock beach dots are a favorite.

The weather is getting nice here, not so much sewing happening.