Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have had a quiet week .
That is , no commitments & plenty of time to enjoy being at home .
Weather has been decidedly gloomy & perfect for sewing . 
This is becoming my preferred condition , am I becoming reclusive ??
Maybe .
Must be all that Simon & Garfunkel & hearing Sounds of Silence at the concert on Wednesday .
( They were soooo good )
Enough with the introspection ........ I have been a bag lady this week .
See the drawstring bag destined for H. S. in Maida Vale .
This is a prototype , I have been experimenting with the letter embroidery on my Pfaff & plan to make a similar one with monogram .
I now have the necessary embroidery thread & interfacing to do the job.

I have also finished quilting a baby quilt plus backing & basting the brother-in-law quilt.
If that's not enough I also made a few other bags ........ I sooo needed to do some catching up & am very pleased with myself .

My new quilting teacher has shown me how to baste a quilt without the back breaking & knee grinding experience I have been accustomed to on the floor !!
Oh happy days ! It works .
Tape the backing to the table & use giant clips to stabilise , until you have pinned all  the quilt positioned on the table top & then slide pinned section to one side & do the same with the the unbasted side till all done.

Happy week to you all .


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your letter embroidery monogram, isn't it fab to have these lovely stitchy gadgets on your machine and time to play!!

One Flew Over said...

What a beautiful bag!! All those pins, well done!!