Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bag Therapy

My current ambition is to work on my pile of WIP & I finally feel I am making progress !!
Thing is , I do get restless with long term projects so have devised a quick fix therapy & it is called
the "Make another Bag" program .
Lined drawstring bags are an ideal way to experiment .

White linen & minny mui

addicted to pink liberty

The brother-in-law quilt is done & heading to it's new home .

Rufus loves to sit on new quilts fresh & crinkly from the dryer

Small pink coin quilt next on the hit list .........  have a great week !!


Anonymous said...

I adore the sound of your 'make another bag' program! Though I prefer the thought of the longer term project as deciding what to make next, what fabric to use, what size to make......just sees me faffing for hour upon hour!

Susan said...

What a great idea. I am a new quilter and I'm going to follow your lead. I want to experiment with quilted squares but i have a need to make something. I am focusing on my unfinished projects now too, my knitting projects in progress have taken over! Thanks.