Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm there !

Today was quilt group , I am basting an Irish Chain quilt that seems to have been a WIP for far too long !!
Must finish it this week so I can start the projects swimming around in my head.
My Quilt Teacher has a huge table that is perfect to baste on & the helping hands to make the job less onerous.
Thank you Ruth !!
I have come to the conclusion that I make too many large quilts !!!
Making my progress snail like .

I have joined the Flea Market Fancy Freaks ......... Bring It Back Please..... Blog !!
You can see that I really need to grow this sad little pile of FMF fabrics and that I am very enthusiastic about supporting the effort to re-release this gorgeous line by Denyse Schmidt.

If you too are a FMF Freak get on over there & join up !!

Another baggie made for a traveling colleague .... linen & liberty

One more thing ..... check out this way cute blog .
It is a look at a Finnish bloggers miniature doll's house , I was clapping my hands with glee over her mini decorations .

happy days to you


Katy said...

Oh yes, please bring back FMF, although have you seen her new stuff that's coming out sometime this year? That's rather lovely too.

Ps - I haven't ordered the frame....but I am ordering it next week. I'm incredibly excited!

Anonymous said...

I am in complete agreement with you on all points!!!!! I make too many large quilts too, always seems like a good idea until I have to sandwich/quilt. Small quilts(!!!) sound much better, maybe I shall make a dollshouse size one!! Now that DOES appeal!!!!!!!

p.s. love the piccie of you Lorraine, so nice to put a face to all your lovely quilts and words!