Thursday, November 26, 2009

beginnings & endings

I have a particular fondness for hand sewing a binding .... it is one of the rare times I can plonk guilt free on the couch & watch all manner of rubbishy TV.
That's how I spent the morning .
Fan going full steam to keep cool.
Bound in a bright Brandon Mably print.
Heather has quilted this beautifully. A rush job so that this quilt could be finished before I leave on our travels.
Large & ever smaller pebble shapes with the letter "A" scattered over the quilt.
So Adrienne's quilt is finished !!
Pattern is found in Kaffe Fassett's book "Quilt Road"

A new project started ... the red triangle quilt I have wanted for ages .

Happy stitching


nicolette said...

Handstitching bindings is what I love to do too! The quilt looks gorgeous and I love your new project with the red triangles!

Katy said...

wow - that's beautiful. I love the quilting and the choice of binding fabric.

Keep cool - but don't worry, you'll be missing the heat soon enough when you come over to this damp and miserable place!!!!

machen und tun said...

oh, looking at your picture, i want a triangle-quilt, too!! can´t wait to see your layout and the works on it!