Saturday, November 7, 2009

feels good

This quilt top seems to have taken such an age to finish & it does feel good to have it all done !!
Off to the quilter with it now ....far too big for me to attempt .
It is a monster .....100" x 100" for my king size bed .
It was quite difficult to get a decent image , there is no space big enough & cats were lurking around ready to perch on it , so excuse the ordinary photo.

It is made from my collection of blue Liberty print lawns & will look fine in my blue & white bedroom .
I hope .
I will never alter a pattern again caused much distress & unpicking .
The pattern is from this book by Brenda Riddle


Anonymous said...

100" square that is a feat!!! Would love to see a close up when it's all quilted up.
I can't help but fiddle with quilt recipes, though I almost always regret it all that maths that goes so wrong!!!

Katy said...

*gasp* it's a good thing you're over the other side of the world, I'd have to come and wrap myself up in that if you were closer. You'd probably never get rid of me.