Sunday, December 20, 2009

a few images from england

stunning cornish coast

padstow harbour

almshouses , padstow

lichen covered hedges

mystical tintagel

our 15th century inn at lacock , wiltshire

festive foliage at lacock

heritage listed village ...lacock

I am loving all the wintry landscapes & foliage , we had our first taste of snow yesterday , just a flurry but enough to keep my hope of a white Christmas alive !
We are now staying in a 15th century inn called "sign of the angel" in a heritage listed village called Lacock in Wiltshire.
The village scenes from the BBC series Pride & Prejudice were shot here in this perfectly preserved 15th century village .
We will be heading toward Oxford & a cottage in the countryside to spend Christmas with our
2 eldest tomorrow. Turkeys to purchase & a very makeshift celebration for us .
It will be bitter sweet as we'll be missing our youngest daughter at home.
Skype will be just the remedy !!
I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy & peaceful Christmas & a brilliant 2010
Signing off till January


Katy said...

it all looks so beautiful - and the sun is even shining for you!!!!!!

Theresa said...

You lucky thing. Tintagel bought back memories for me. Enjoy and I hope you get your white Christmas wish....not too white mind you!

Anonymous said...


Jennifer said...

What an amazing place Lorraine..thanks for sharing! all the best, Jennifer