Sunday, March 14, 2010

another small quilt

red & aqua for the yet to be born bubba of a colleague

I'm working on lots of things just now so it was a good feeling to sew the binding on this little quilt

confession time

I basted it using a total of 4 saftey pins.
the rest of my pins are otherwise engaged holding together many WIP
knowing there were no pins to be had I used a basting spray that I had bought but not used since my early quilting days
it worked like a charm

Bag progress

the (insert foul language here ) bag (see last post) , is coming along kicking & screaming
this pattern is very detailed but has many pieces with similar labels
lets just say I have really struggled with this
lets hope there is a picture of the finished item next post

one by one my large pile of WIP are being unfolded & quilted
I have been pulling out fabric that has lived with me far too long
backing for this & the baby quilt was found on the shelves


Anonymous said...

Love the baby quilt, Lorraine. So cheery.

I am now a bit concerned about the AB messenger bag. It may have to stay in the pile of unused patterns I have accumulated. I wanted an easy (though stylish) alternative to the standard black laptop bag. Oh well.

machen und tun said...

the red and aqua quilt is awesome, wow!! too bad you had so much trouble with the bag..
love to see it though,

One Flew Over said...

Although a tedious task...finishing those long term projects is always a great feeling!

Theresa said...

I love red and aqua and continually look for an excuse to make something in it. Totally love yours.

Phoebe said...

Cute! If you feel like making any more small quilts, then I know of a couple of babies you can quilt for! One Girl who is due in a couple of days, and one unknown due in a month! The girl's quilt might help with work prospects in the future if you know what I mean!