Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a little bit of zig zag

today I made some pillows using my new found zipper insertion skills

thanks to this tutorial

I admit to more than a little bewilderment as I bumbled along

but hey presto once you take out the basting stitches ... there it is !!

your zip neatly incased in a hidden seam

I love it

unsuspecting family members will be the recipients

the days here are splendid autumn ones , sun + sea breezes = heaven

hope your days are splendid too



Lia said...

Lorraine...I totally love those pillows...aaaaah so beautiful :) such lucky family members...adopt me too ;)

Katy said...

beautiful! I am very scared of zips. I should give the tute a try!

Theresa said...

You could always adopt me! Your pillows are lovely and the zips are just like bought ones!