Sunday, May 16, 2010

small projects+BIG quilt

I have been away to Sydney for a bit so am well behind with my big zig zag quilt.
By doing 2 rows each session I am slowly getting there .
I think I am almost half way.

My eldest daughter is having a birthday , she is living far away from us in London so I am compelled to make her some more homemade "crap" for her birthday
This time some Liberty boxer shorts .

They appear to be ginormous so I am hoping they don't fall to the floor when she puts them on !!
Cute handmade buttons and a contasting pocket.

My blue star quilt is ready to be picked up from the quilter so I have been experimenting with some Rural Jardine charm squares to make some cushions for a complete bed makeover.
I am a blue freak to be sure !!


Katy said...

I love blue too! I'm going to make a rural jardin quilt for my best friend's mum for christmas. I can't decide on fabrics though - shall I go for a mix of the whole collection, or pick out my faves? It's a toughy!

ps - wish my mum would make me a load of homemade crap ;)

Theresa said...

Oh Lorraine, those boxers with the name tag are just divine!

VeeV said...

i am interested in the label.... did you make it? how? or.... where did you get them?

i love it!!


Maree: said...

I'm sure your DD will just Love her New Shorts...Love your new Cushion...