Monday, August 9, 2010

tick that list

green & purple borders added 
I am loving the purple which is usually too scary for me 
it's a rich grape shade

& binding ready to go 

the backing for the zig zag  quilt is HUGE  but I'm quite pleased with it

here is a peek

See what you can do when you resist the urge to cook & go to the gym !!


Theresa said...

Nothing like some 'thinking time' on the treadmill! Lovely!

Mary said...

Love, love the green and purple on the borders! The quilt is fabulous as well :)

Maree: said...

Know what you mean about Purple..I'm a bit the same..Love it on your quilt & the Green Border looks Great!

Anonymous said...

Tick for doing your homework Lorraine!! It's looking a beauty!

As for me, I can always resist going to the gym ;)