Monday, May 16, 2011


A mothers day ticket to spend some time in Sydney with my two younger children took me down to my hometown Sydney  for a sparkling autumn weekend .

 Sydney in all her finery is hard to beat .... inner city grime & noise is balanced by the green leafy streets & small gems of parks & beaches dotted all  around the harbour foreshore.

 Neilson Park is one such gem

 I came here often when the children were small ..... it is my ideal beach with plenty of shade to retreat to when swimming is done . Intrepid swimmers were at it even still on this cool day lapping away across the teeny harbour bay.

 And for these two there is life outside Darlinghurst :)

Surry Hills .... on a mission to find a brioche from here  .

Next day I was heading to Balmain to find Calico & Ivy which is the sweetest little haven for fabric & craft lovers.

The inevitable followed ... me fighting the urge to fill my bag with lots more fabric that I don't actually need .
 BUT a couple of looming projects necessitated a modest purchase & thank you  to Amy for assisting me in that matter xx

 orange clovers & green grunge

more blue Liberty &  roses just because

" still life" by Alexander Henry  & the teal is a Japanese print

All that & the Fringe Bar market as well . Torz has a  stall selling her very glam jewellery line  Lotus Mendes .

Go see her & deck yourself out the latest stylish bling . She's a doll .

All this time spent away from my sewing room means not a lot has been accomplished lately ... but am desperate to get the scrappy wedding quilt finished over the next week .

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Amanda said...

I went to school just up the road from Neilson Park, and as boarders, we were taken there for weekend "outings". Lovely memories. I knew where it was the moment I saw the photo. Didn't need to read the caption.