Sunday, October 9, 2011

2 things

 I bought a bag ... can't tell you how much I love it !!

leather handles ... sturdy design & great fabric  

it is handmade using original drawn screen printed linen canvas

plus a bonus  birdy coin purse , which is very sweet 

check out Arounna's  great work here at Bookhou

textiles , bags & artwork 

secondly another baby quilt was pieced today 

I managed to squeeze in some pics in between showers ... afternoon sun & a gentle breeze 


Theresa said...

You totally inspired me on this little quilt Lorraine...I had never seen that Amy Butler shot before....I found some mustard solid in the cupboard and I was off....I've cut mine 6", down to 5" with all the seams. It's divine. Yours is beautiful. Don't we have lucky friends who have babies these days? Wish I could quilt way back when. Thank you again.

arounna said...

thanks for the kind words lorraine
beautiful quilts indeed.
all the best.

Jean MN said...

Love the quilt! Gives me inspiration to take some Cham packets and make some thing similar. Thank you!