Friday, March 2, 2012

have you ever pulled apart a whole quilt ??

I did 

I started with these blocks 

progressed to this

But I got stuck right here , kept trying to love it but couldn't

SO , one night I unpicked the whole thing & now we are back to this 

blocks measure 16"

quilt 80" x 80 "

happy stitching or unstitching if the need arises



MB in MI said...

Wow--that would be a LOT of work--but I do like it better the way you have it now. Just beautiful!!

Theresa said...

I'm contemplating this very thing! I have my very first quilt sitting in the cupboard and it could be so much better. I pieced it with a regular foot before I knew about 1/4" feet, it's huge and to be honest a bit boring. It will be a good 'sitting around' project. Good luck with your new improved!

Clair said...

Oh yes, I've unpicked a whole quilt because I didn't like it. It was worth it in the end, but by golly it was a pain!
I love the look of your stars on their own....I really don't think they need anything else as their colours make them sparkle.
Best of luck with whatever you chose to do.

Debra said...

hmmmm...i bet you are much happier now...looks great...definitely worth it!