Sunday, April 7, 2013

this week

I finished this Swoon one block baby quilt

& sent it on it's way to London with my eldest who is still in the air .
Flying time is 23 hrs but more like 30 door to door.
It's always a sad day when our kids go back to their lives in London , NY & Sydney .
It's the price we pay for our well travelled , accomplished offspring & us living in the Land Downunder /Faraway .

more loopy quilting

Love this line of fabric 
Geekly Chic by Riley Blake 
perfect for a pouch to hold my glasses 

AND to line a silver metallic linen zip pouch 

Ongoing projects include the quilting of the Neighbourhood Quilt

and the improv quilt which is growing & half done .

We had the great pleasure of seeing Erin & Jonty married on Friday & these flowers from our table came  home with us .

Happy stitching 

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Lily Boot said...

Beautiful!!! I've made large single blocks before but I've never thought to position it like that - it looks so fresh and crisp and perfect. The quilting is lovely too :-) Lucky bubby.