Friday, June 28, 2013


Rufus likes to check out all  finished quilts

usually by plonking himself on them seconds after the final stitching

here is the improv quilt which is now quilted & bound 

it's lap size at  54" x 64 "

backed in the specs from Geekily Chic range by Dorothy Tsang

I love this print 

This beautiful nani IRO cotton-linen arrived this week

My ipad now has a new sleeve to go travelling

I need a new project 

what shall I do next?

happy saturday


Little Island Quilting said...

Love your improv quilt

Bec Wadge said...

I love your small quilt, where do you buy the 'nani IRO' fabric? I had a look at her website, but found it really hard to navigate, is there anyway to change it to english do you know?

Beautiful Villa Rentals in Tuscany said...

These quilts are looking so colorful and attractive thanks for the sharing and just keep up the good work.