Thursday, October 17, 2013

been travelling

Long pauses here in smallquiltville , we've been on a long trip to  London and France.

It was bliss , but all done now and back to our fairly uncomplicated daily rhythm 

I have been slow to get back to some sewing mainly because of the oddity that is jetlag

Asleep at 7.30pm & wide awake at 2am

Yesterday I started back on Angelina's quilt , the bright strip stacks on neutrals

Visiting London also means the other L word 


I collected some pinks to share with my quilt group

I was given ( Jan & Vanessa xxx) Sarah Fielke's Hand Quilted With Love while away  and want to use 

some of the pinks to

 make a baby sized version of The Bass Line 

So there is plenty to be getting on with plus a brand new hospital & birth suite to get back to work in !!!

I'll do  holiday snaps in a new post for those can be bothered .... I seem to be obsessed with trees & flowers !

Thanks for reading & happy stitching 

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Theresa said...

Welcome back Lorraine. We got home on Saturday and I'm at work today...suffering with jet lag. Oh the pain of it will surely leave and the memories will flood back! Didn't it get cold near the end...we had rain from the day we left France, all through Brugge and Holland...yukky, then home to 35! You can't order it I expect! Now to save for the next one.