Sunday, January 26, 2014

angelina's quilt

This quilt was chosen by the child for whom it was made , she looked through my fav quilt pins & chose this quilt for her bed .
The original design is by Diane Melms whose work you should definitely check out. 
Diane graciously allowed me to reproduce the quilt in a single bed size , the original measures 28"x22"

the wavy line quilting is perfect & done (beautifully) by Leone Ward 

Some neon pink binding had been lurking on the shelf just waiting for such a quilt & backing is brilliant pink in Corsage by Alison Glass

This quilt will come with me to Sydney next week & find it's new home .

Happy Australia Day weekend



Theresa said...

Just amazing! Angelina is one lucky quilt recipient!

Stitch and Yarn said...

It's gorgeous! I like the idea of getting the recipient to choose a design. At least you're guaranteed they'll like it ;-)

Quiltmanufaktur said...

Love that quilt!

Mavi. said...

Muy alegre, muy vivo. Estupendo.