Saturday, July 25, 2009

paintings ...friends ...books

this week I'm loving
winter light
oven roasted vegetables
black legs
slouchy boots
big black cashmere hoodies
time to catch up with friends
ladies seen in paintings in billowy white dresses with enormous hair

all that adds up to not a lot of time in the sewing room
I've been working on a bag to give for Christmas ,
cutting some of the blue Liberty for my own quilt &
finishing the quilt top of the loony colour combo !

Queensland Art Gallery is showing an exhibition from the NY Met , my favourites were the portraits , lots of ladies as descibed above ...have a peek

This bag was an experiment ( read here no pattern ) & didn't quite live up to expectations but was salvageable & is already claimed by my sister . Lovely Amy Butler greys .
I am wanting a large carry all with some internal pockets & sturdy handles , still looking for a pattern if anyone has any clues .

Eventually I want to make a blue & white quilt for my own bed ... here are the beginnings

Here is the quilt top made from those blocks that took me quite far away from my usual colour choices ... I call it the loony colour combo .
I don't hate result though , it is growing on me .
I can feel a hot pink binding coming on .

that was the week that was .......


Andi said...

Have a look at this shoulder bag tutorial:
Not sure if it is what you had in mind but I have enjoyed making them.
Also, LOVE the crazy colour combo quilt. A hot pink binding will be perfect!!
Andi :-)

Anonymous said...

Loving your loony colours quilt, definately some party going on there!

Maree said...

Am Loving your Quilt...Definetly Pink Binding...

Cathy said...

Ooh I love your loony quilt!! Great colours and yes hot pink binding would top it off beautifully. Great blocks.