Saturday, August 8, 2009

real life

Seems real life has gotten in the way of blogging these last couple of weeks.
Sunshiny day here today .......delicious lunch of Yamba prawns & homegrown salad greens with a bottle of NZ white wine to wash it down .
To welcome home the youngest in the family from her travels in England, Italy & Germany.
The parks & squirrels were a highlight !!

Lots of cutting , pinning , chain piecing ,pressing & more cutting for my blue & white quilt going on here.

I need to make 45 star blocks & that's many flying geese .......whole flocks in fact !

Just have to clip the tails & I'm done & ready to start piecing the blocks

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One Flew Over said...

Welcome back Lorraine! I am very envious to hear of your Yamba lunch..I bet it was at the pub on the hill?? Yummo!