Sunday, February 14, 2010

little folks mosaic quilt

this little quilt has been a real joy to sew !
Anna Maria Horner's Little Folk voiles , they look exquisite and feel like silk .
love them
this quilt is on it's way to Sara in Sydney

I have a quilty benefactor ... she knows who she is !!
BIG thank you xxx
I am now the proud & nervous owner of these gorgeous flower garden blocks , 58 of them !!
they were hand sewn in the U.S. by an unknown quilter and appear have been made circa 1930-40.
I have never seen REAL 30's-40's fabric in the flesh , it is so pretty !

Should I join them all together ( I've never sewn hexagons ) or applique onto some backing fabric ? I am unsure how to show their full potential whilst preserving their vintage condition .

My youngest daughter & I spent the weekend staying in a luxe apartment on Sydney Harbour , we were treated to this view plus Robin Williams & Elijah Wood skulking about in the foyer & bar .


Andi said...

That quilt looks so deliciously soft and is so very pretty.
And those hexagon blocks .. amazing!!
I say do them justice, get some good advice and put them together into a quilt.
Andi :-)

Katy said...

oooh, great view! (Elijah Wood, not the bridge ;P)

As for those beautiful hexes. I'm not sure what I'd do. You could sew them all together, which I suppose would be more 'true', but I think I'd be inclined to applique them on to background squares and that way you're not putting any unwanted strain on the fabric itself, are you? The background squares would give it that little bit of support, so if (or more likely when) the old fabrics fray a little, or wear away, the quilt would still be safe because of the 'new' backgrounds. Do you know what I mean?

Love love love the little folks too. I can't decide what to make with mine, I was thinking another dresden plate, but I do love the simplicity of squares.

'Kristopher K' Design said...

Hello, So happy to have found your wonderful blog (thanks for the lovely comment on mine :) Now following - Yeah !!!