Saturday, February 6, 2010

rainy sunday

Rain has fallen for the last 24hrs non stop ... great dumpings of the wet stuff.
So I have only a few pictures to show of my increasing pile of paintbox blocks , as the light is producing such dull shots .
They are such fun to sew .
Each new combination a treat (usually !)
I think the dark green one is a bit dodgy , not enough contrast in value .
I have been perusing the Flickr group & am very envious of all the flat as a pancake blocks.
Mine are a bit wavy .
Try as I might ....they remain so !!!

The colours are very cheerful but my fav so far has to be the 2 grey blocks .

Here are the gifts from the ever so talented bloggers I met in the flesh when in London in January , how interesting & fun it was to meet these girls & their families !!

From Aneela .. such delicate colours & stitchery , a felt applique notebook

Katy's hexagon bag & some Liberty bias binding & sweet Kath Kidson pins

This blog is nearly 1 yr old so in a week or two I plan to have a celebratory post & give-away .

Come back & help me celebrate !!!


Theresa said...

Hey Lorraine, I think your blocks are lovely. They'll all work out in the 'wash'! And, am v-envious of your OS gifts. Love those CK pins! Happy have the perfect weather for it!

rosie's whimsy said...

The blocks are great! I am such a quilting newbie. I am thrilled to be able to learn by seeing when I come visiting :-) Thanks

Little Bluebell (Adrianne) said...

Hi I came over from the quilt along... I loved all the colors of your blocks so far. I wanted to share a secret... my blocks look wavy too in real life. Especially the ones with the skinny solid outer border. Mine look flatter in the pictures because they are on a piece of flannel. The flannel helps hold them nice and smooth for the pictures. I bet a scrap of batting would work too. ;) Just between us...

性感的我 said...


VeeV said...

what are the measurements of your paint quilt pieces?

i looked for the measurements...but didn't see them...hopefully i haven't just missed it...

what is the size of the finished piece?

will you be puttin any other sashing between the squares?

i love it - it looks great!!


VeeV said...


paint box