Monday, October 11, 2010

it's all about orange

this post comes from New York City !!!

as I come from the land down under the sight of pumpkins large & small everywhere 

is a novelty

we have been having the best time 

so far we have 

visited Chelsea Market & some dollars spent at Anthropologie

Cityquilter is just around the corner from where we are staying , yay

spent a day in Brooklyn ..a delicious brunch at Applewood & browsing at the Flea Market

New York City Ballet at the Lincoln Center

dinner at Scarpetta last night ....highly recommended , it was really very good 

today we will visit Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty 

I'm hoping to get to Purl Patchwork as well .

tomorrow we are heading out of town for some fall folliage & time in the country

best bit is seeing our daughter :-)))

more soon


Theresa said...

Pure envy! Have a wonderful time!

One Flew Over said...

Hope you are having a fantastic time -lucky girl!!