Saturday, July 9, 2011

4am blink blink

So.... home from my travels in England , Scotland & Paris except my body is somewhere in between .
Sleep irresistable at 7.30 pm & awake at 3am .
It's 6am & I've caught up on emails , grocery shopped online & looked with fright at my neglected blog

here are some pretty pictures for you because no sewing has been done in the last month :(

I had never been to England in the summer .... it was a picture . So green & pretty with flowers every where I looked.

All the above from my 6 mile walk from Howton to Glenridding on the stunning Lake Ullswater in Cumbria

1st day in London 

my favourite for linen & all the little pretties

out & about in Canonbury / Islington

a wander around village lane ways in Peover , Cheshire

Sloane Square gardens

   this was a magnificent espalliered magnolia 

climbing roses I can only dream of in Queensland 

last but not least 2 stunning brides & their not too shabby new husbands

Baronial Edinburgh

  & glorious summer garden wedding in Cheshire

If you're still here after the slideshow , thank you for your patience :) . I don't plan to make this a holiday snaps blog & there are definite plans to get sewing !!

 Some thank you's , 3 wedding quilts & 2 baby quilts , can't wait to get stuck in !

great to be back 


diane said...

thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Makes me want to go to England in the summer some time soon.

Theresa said...

Welcome back! Your photos are gorgeous ......makes me get itchy feet! I hpoe your body clock settles there's nothing worse. I do remember a 4am Coles visit of my own....before online shopping was invented!

Maree: said...

Thanks for the Tour your Photo's are Beautiful...

One Flew Over said...

Nothing like England in the Summer...your photos bring back lots of fond memories.