Sunday, July 24, 2011

dye pot

I am playing with some dip dye ..... inspired by these & especially this  

dip dye dress - {frolic!}

I found some magenta dye I'd purchased at a craft show eons ago & decided to have a go .
The wee linen pillow / pin cushion is the result.

so then I tried some  totes

It's a bit messy & I need to refine the technique so that there is less splattering 

Phoebe says it's the coolest thing I've made 

She has an order for a tote placed

My favourite treasures from the travels have to be this blue hand dyed cotton fabric from Cloth House in
 Soho & 2 spools of vintage silk thread from the Les Puces de Saint-Ouen.

The enormous flea Market in Paris 

the cotton fabric has a texture much like linen & stunning blend of blue fibres

happy sunday 
       Phoebe says it's the coolest thing PI have madeThe cotton fabric is how 

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