Monday, June 4, 2012

tova ... has come to live in my wardrobe

So , I am not fond of appearing in person on this space .
I have made an exception to show you my Tova tunic
I have been watching as many other folks in blogland merrily turn out this lovely dress/tunic with seemingly gay abandon
I have only ever attempted an actual wearable item twice before ... 1st attempt was the Schoolhouse tunic by .. Sew Liberated . I botched the neckline & it is therefore quite ill fitting on me 
2nd attempt was a pattern from a book by Nani Iro 
My mistake here, was thinking I resembled the waif- like Japanese girls wearing the dresses :)
That one was given to my daughter

This is attempt no 3 & I can WEAR IT 
It is really comfy & the fit is excellent 

I love the finish at the neckline & cuff
Mine is made from a favourite mid weight linen & is perfect in this Qld cooler season.
Cami underneath & a wooly for the neck
I am now hoping to make another ... maybe shorter , maybe Liberty .
The pattern is very well written , as a novice dressmaker I struggled with a couple of the steps but eventually got it together.

This lovely bundle of solids arrived this week ... a quilt for my uncle is planned

Happy sewing xx

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Jan Cheatham said...

You are so clever..the dress looks great on you & looking forward to seeing more modelling of your next one. Love the linen too.