Thursday, July 26, 2012

a week for finishing up some WIP

sea pool colours for my uncle's quilt

lots of sea weedy , yellowy and herby  greens +  shades of blue & some neutrals

Almost all the babies are here for this year for our family & friends

this is Emma's quilt

a venture into wonky 


pomegranate + silver grey solids 

+ charcoal carolina chambray

+ some lovely prints from Aneela Hoey's line Sherbert Pips 

+  multi coloured polka dots  from Pixie Pops line.

I used the tutorial by s.o.t.a.k.e  handmade to cut & piece the blocks 

my retro flower quilt is finished 

Leone has quilted a DS style loopy pattern all over 

I love it !

A little bit of incidental sewing as gifts for friends

happy wednesday from me 


Theresa said...

Hi Lorraine, I LOVE that metal zip...actually, I love the whole purse! Lovely as usual.

Mary said...

Fantastic finishes! Love that DS quilting is simply perfect!