Thursday, February 27, 2014

mostly handprinted

Another finished quilt 

This time a quilt made from all the handprinted fabrics that I've collected over the last few years

 wavy quilting in random rows 

bound in a charcoal print 

backed in a delicious nani iro gauze

this quilt will be mine 

I can't part with all those handprinted  lovelies


I have used prints by 

a Finnish print from Japan

echo by Lotta Jansdotter

& a Japanese linen solid

last up a shot of our white bougainvillea in bloom

happy stitching 


Catherine said...

What a beautiful quilt - I am not surprised you were inclined to keep it:-)

Jan Cheatham said...

You are one clever lady. I love those fabrics & it sure is a keeper & looks divine on the bed.

Jan Cheatham said...

You are a clever lady. I love those colours & fabrics & it looks divinr on the bed.

Karin @ Leigh Laurel Studios said...

I love your collection! It's truly a lovely quilt.