Saturday, November 6, 2010

two men & a lady

That's what it required to get a full shot of this BIG mama quilt that is finally quilted & bound
the boys are well positioned at the back & hidden from view but you can see the bejewelled hand of Jan
thanks team xxx
zig zag quilting & bound in a vermillion shot cotton 
I love that word ...vermillion 
just in case the front gives Adam a migraine the pieced back is a little more subdued 
I hope he likes one side at least !!


Maree: said...

Absolutely Fabulous!!...Love the Back too..Great Job.

One Flew Over said...

Just FABULOUS! love it, great job Lorraine x

Anonymous said...

That one triangle in the middle fascinates me. Like the Bermuda Triangle!

Mary said...

Lorraine, this is fantastic! Wow - it is big! Love the back as well. Brilliant!

Theresa said...

Oh Lorraine, it's gorgeous. Nice to see you back!

alioop said...

What a fabulous quilt - both front and back. If Adam doesn't like it I would love to give it a home.